Try them, combine the case to your liking, with the varieties that most appeal to you.

There is always someone who resists us, who remains for the remains … It will not happen to you anymore, choose the ones you like the most and enjoy cooking with new flavors.

Do not stay without trying them.


Immersed in the green valley of the Ebro river is the fertile region of Urzante. A region in the heart of Navarra, where in 1950, José Marín started in olive oil, distributing with his own truck to homes in other cities and towns in the surroundings. A high quality olive oil, made with the best olives and selected one by one. Today, as a result of this experience, Urzante produces its oil with an exclusive method.

Urzante, 60 years later, we have become part of our gastronomic tradition and we continue to be the preferred brand in the region, having also successfully spread to more than 70 countries around the world. Expansion only possible thanks to having been faithful to its original values: maximum quality, tradition and respect for the land.

Our adaptation and continuous improvement is reflected in our R + D + i department. Developing innovation projects in the continuous improvement of products and production systems that are more sustainable every day. So that our future is more present every day.

D.O. Navarra

The Extra Virgin Olive Oil “Olivar de la Ribera” with Denomination of Origin Oil of Navarra, is the only one that will give your dishes “Navarrese Character”.

BIO & Ecological

Completely natural, this oil brings together the natural qualities of an authentic Extra Virgin Olive Oil extracted from olives from organic farming.

The Aromatics

The perfect touch for your best tapas, salads, meats, fish, desserts, pastries … Lemon, chilli, basil, truffle and garlic. Do not miss it.

Great Selección

With the Great Selection of Extra Virgin Olive Oil, you will give a unique touch to your dishes. If you like the Gran Selección flavor, this is undoubtedly your oil.




fun and health in your kitchen

With Urzante olive oil you will have in your kitchen the perfect ingredient for the daily Mediterranean diet. Cook with the usual flavor, Urzante flavor.


With more than half a century of history, Urzante has become part of our gastronomic tradition, and has elaborated its oil taking care of even the smallest details in every step. Today, as a result of this experience, Urzante produces its oil with an exclusive method.

Continuous adaptation and commitment to new technologies is essential. Our R + D + i department develops innovation projects in the continuous improvement of products and the creation of new ones, as well as production systems that are more sustainable every day. So that our future is more present every day.


By owning our own olive groves, we cover the entire production process from the fields to your table. The products of our land are a fundamental pillar in this company. Much of our production comes directly from our olive trees, with which we produce our best oils. All of them selected and of exceptional premium quality.


Nature is the origin of our activities and day to day, so we respect it to the maximum, working in its favor. We recycle 100% of the waste. Our energy system supplies in a cogeneration network that saves a large amount of CO2 per year. Our factory is fully covered by solar panels to produce clean and renewable energy.


We contribute to the well-being of the community in which we operate, influencing its social, cultural and economic development through the solidarity distribution of wealth.

Constancy is an intangible value, but fundamental and inexhaustible in this company. Teamwork is also one of the reasons that make us improve every day.


We have passed the most demanding requirements and audits, obtaining the most recognized food quality seals. The “quality” concept governs all actions and decisions of URZANTE. For this reason, our clients trust us with their health and we always seek excellence in our work.


Each year, our expert panel testing tests over 7,000 olive oil samples with followed by our rigorous panel of quality standards.



100% vegetable

Selected product

Among the options on the market, one of the most appropriate is URZANTE. During frying, the crust that forms on the outside of food is an attraction for consumers. In the hospitality industry you are looking for something tasty, healthy and at a reasonable price.


URZANTE has several brands and each one with its own character and philosophy. In each of them, we seek excellence and special characteristics for each of their oils. The common denominator is excellence and the search for the highest quality for our consumers.

With more than half a century of history, Urzante has become part of our gastronomic tradition, and has elaborated its oil taking care of even the smallest details in every step. 

Urzante as a founding brand, produces several own elaborations of oil, with which we create different brands, depending on the product and its market. Thus, we are present in Spain, in the rest of the world and in all consumption scenarios.

Since its inception, Ondoliva has earned a well-deserved reputation, offering excellent olive oil perfectly described by local farmers with the use of the word “Ondo”, which means “good”.

In the past, olives were picked by hand, olive by olive, men and women standing shoulder to shoulder throughout the district in the traditional olive harvest. After 70 years, we remain faithful to all our values, the spirit of tradition, respect for the land and care for nature.

Day by day, at Trujal Almazara Tudela we set ourselves a very clear goal: to work tirelessly always looking for the quality of our oils, being faithful to the principles that have differentiated us for decades, our land and our tradition.

In our trujal, all the production is made with olives carefully picked on our farms, pampering every detail to produce an oil of excellent quality.

Certificates and regulations:

We have the necessary certificates of quality, verification, audits … for the production and marketing of our products to all countries and for any type of client. From large stores anywhere in the world, to the small business store in our neighborhood or city.


NAVARRE DESIGNATION OF ORIGIN. The Protected Designation of Origin “Aceite de Navarra”, abbreviated as D.O.P. Oil from Navarra and commercially as Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Navarra, is a Protected Designation of Origin that protects and identifies the production of olive oil in the Foral Community of Navarra.


It is a brand created in 2007 by the Government of Navarra that protects agri-food products with quality certification from the Foral Community, projecting a common image that favors the implementation and identification of these products in the market, and promoting their notoriety and prestige among the consumers.


Extra virgin olive oil, obtained from flight olives of the following varieties: Arróniz, Empeltre and Arbequina. The native variety Arróniz is considered the main variety, representing in the oil blend a percentage higher than 10%, which can come from both the oil mixture and the olives.


CERTIFICATE OF EUROPEAN ECOLOGICAL PRODUCTION. The certification allows the commercialization of your organic products in the European Union. Organic production is a general system of agricultural management and food production that combines the best environmental practices, a high level of biodiversity, the preservation of natural resources, the application of high standards on animal welfare and a production according to the preferences of certain consumers for products obtained from natural substances and processes.


INTERNATIONAL FEATURED STANDARS. IFS has eight standards focused on the food and non-food areas that cover the different processes and services throughout the supply chain. IFS does not determine how these processes should be but provides an evaluation of them through a risk-based approach.

The different standards are used by manufacturers and distributors around the world in order to respond to the demand for quality, transparency and efficiency that result from globalization. For the standards to meet the needs of all parties involved in their development, both industry and distribution as well as certification bodies participate. In the different sections of the web you will find the most important topics for the different groups.


This standard published in 1998 serves as guidance to food manufacturers on issues as varied as HACCP, traceability, fraud prevention in the sector, commitment to management and Quality Management Systems. The BRCGS standard for food safety is recognized by the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI), this means that obtaining certification helps organizations to conserve, unlock or access key markets.


The Hebrew word “Kosher” means apt, suitable, or convenient. Kosher foods are foods that are prepared according to Jewish dietary standards, which are permissible for consumption, since they meet the requirements of the Hebrew Bible diet. The laws of Kashrut (Jewish dietary law) regulate two main aspects: the allowed foods and the preparations of these foods.


It is an independent inspection and certification body, dedicated to the conformity assessment and halal certification of products, processes and services in the food, chemical, pharmaceutical, cosmetic and logistics industries.

HC is a reference body for authorities, Islamic institutions, universities, food associations, industries, consumer protection agencies and international standard halal working / working groups.

If you want to meet us

The URZANTE plant is located in Tudela, in the area from which it takes its name. An extremely fertile area, recognized as one of the best vegetable growing areas in Spain, located between the Ebro river valley and the Moncayo National Natural Park. Thanks to this privileged location, our olive groves are watered every year by the melting of Moncayo, one of the purest waters in the world.

If you have any curiosity about our processes, certificates, products … or just want to know olive oil, our liquid gold, come and meet us. It is strategically located in the north of Spain, very close to the French border. Well connected to the 3 main Spanish ports: Barcelona, ​​Valencia and Bilbao. Efficient and economical transport to any destination in Europe and abroad. 65,000 m2 of total area of ​​new factory inaugurated in 2010 // 500,000 ltrs, day of bottling capacity // Everything in one place (mill, refinery and packaging) // 6 fully automated production lines // 6 own PET production lines .


Ciudad Agroalimentaria, Calle A. 31500, Tudela, España / +34 948 85 02 37  /


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